WL-5460AP v2                   
802.11G Multi-function 5-port AP + Router

The WL-5460AP v2 world's most popular multi-function access point. It features an impressive total of 8 wireless multi-function modes that are not available in normal access point. in addition, it can achieve up to 26dBm of output power in South America firmware. The Traffic Control, WISP Connection Wizard, ACK timeout and RSSI feature makes it suitable for long distance application. From ordinary AP application to Hotspot and WISP usage, you will fond the WL-5460AP v2 is the device you need.

20dBm(11g) and 26dBm(11b) TX power  Client Router, Universal Repeater, WISP + Universal mode  2 x 10/100Mbps ports 2MB Flash, 16MB SDRAM WDS Site Survey, Telnet. Web, and Tx Power Regulation  AP, Router, Bridge, Client, Repeater, WDS mode  Traffic Bandwidth Control WDS Site Survey, RSSI

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